Flat number Z33A

Rezidence name: Žitná

Address: Žitná 4/1765, Nové Město, 120 00 Praha 2

Size: 1+KK (50 m²)

Max. capacity: 1 users in 1 bedrooms

Price: 18000,-

Floor: 3.

Flat Number: Z33A

Shared place size: 10 m²

SELFCONTAINED STUDIO FLAT WITH BATHROOM (SHOWN GREEN) SUITS SINGLE PERSON, TWO PERSONS OR A COUPLE... COMPLETELY FITTED INCLUSIVE ALL UTILITY COSTS AND INTERNET total cost single person kr18000 pcm , inclusive of energies, internet and water rates , if second person included extra Kr2000-charge FOR 2 PERSONS------------- There is alternative possibility to where this part of the 2 bedroom flat can be connected with adjacent flat 23A -(SHOW IN GREEN)-------- and thus forms complex with kitchen/living room , 2 bathrooms , 3 private bedrooms and kitchen corner ------------------SUCH COMPLETE arrangement of both joined flats plan areas.(yellow, green and blue areas) is on video of this 2 flats joined layout and would add to kr 14100 +14100 +18000 = 46200 and is presented here ---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kBfTnYZIJc&t=47s


Flat is located in rezidence Žitná. More information about Žitná rezidence and posibilities near this rezidence can you find on this site.

Lists of all bedrooms with their details can you find there.


Flat includes most probably Private sink, Private shower, Private mirror, Chair, Wifi connection, Microwafe, Double bed, Table, Heating.


Bedroom Z33A

Size: 40 m²

Price: 18000,-

Capacity: 1 user(s)