Flat number Z44

Rezidence name: Žitná

Address: Žitná 4/1765, Nové Město, 120 00 Praha 2

Size: 4+1 (83 m²)

Max. capacity: 5 users in 4 bedrooms

Price: 51200,-

Floor: 4.

Flat Number: Z44

Shared place size: 30 m²

4 bedroom apartment with kitchen living room and 2 bathrooms.at Zitna 4, at the first floor of this house . All windows are faced into the inner courtyard and not into the street.. Hence it is more quiet . All bedrooms have double bed , single divan with storage under, wardrobe and chair and writing desk as private room for 1 student only , occasional guest must be permitted in advance and charge paid 300 kr/ day . Suits students only , Reservation of the apartment ca be done as team of persons to share the flat {that is preferred}or book the rooms individually, prices are kr 13200 + 13000 + 10000 + 15000 = 51200 kr and reservation deposit is 1 1/2 month rent. . or call Vladislav +420602259380.


Flat is located in rezidence Žitná. More information about Žitná rezidence and posibilities near this rezidence can you find on this site.

Lists of all bedrooms with their details can you find there.


Flat includes most probably Shared sink, Shared cooker, Shared dishes, Shared shower, Shared washing machine, Shared bath, Shared microwafe, Chair, Sheft, Lamp, Wifi connection, Towels, Pillows, Sheets, Double bed, Table, Cabinet, Heating, Shared mirror, Single bed.


Bedroom Z441

Size: 10 m²

Price: 13200,-

Capacity: 1 user(s)

Bedroom Z442

Size: 12 m²

Price: 13000,-

Capacity: 1 user(s)

Bedroom Z443

Size: 7 m²

Price: 10000,-

Capacity: 1 user(s)

Bedroom Z444

Size: 24 m²

Price: 15000,-

Capacity: 2 user(s)